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How long will my test last?

25 – 35 mins, unless you make a critical driving error, when the test is immediately terminated


Do I indicate when driving in the car park?

Yes, you can never indicate too much; but you can indicate too soon or for too long


Do I have to stop at an orange light?

An orange light is a stop light and you should stop providing it is safe to do so (checking your rear vision mirror).  

This is where your good judgement is vital.  Say to yourself “Can I stop safely?” not “Can I get across in time?


What’s the speed on this road?

Whenever you turn into a new road, look for a speed sign.  If there isn’t one, treat the speed as 50k until you see a sign to tell you differently


If I drive at 40k all the time, will I be OK?

No, if you drive at 40k in a 60k zone, you will become a traffic hazard and inconvenience other road users


What if someone pulls out in front of me and they are wrong?

You must drive so that you are ready to cope with other people’s mistakes – SCANNING!!


When I’m turning right at traffic lights, you tell me to move in on a green light.  What if it goes orange and red and I’m stuck in the middle?

Providing you crossed the line on green, you are allowed to clear the intersection on an orange or even red light.  You have “committed yourself to the turn” by crossing the line on green


Why do I have to use the handbrake if I can move away on a hill OK without it?

The handbrake helps to hold the weight of the car while you are lifting the clutch to the friction point.  

If you “catch the clutch” while rolling backwards even a little bit, it makes a huge strain on the gearbox and engine.


What if the examiner hits the brakes just before I do on a test and he fails me because

he thought I wasn’t going to stop?

You will have left your braking too late and he can’t risk that you might not stop.  Make sure you

use the “system” and start your slowing down procedure in plenty of time.  



How many lessons do I need before I can take my test?

A lot of times this depends on how much practice you get at home and whether you are a natural or a quick learner.  Some people have a flare for driving and get through after only a few lessons (5/6), others needs lots of help and need up to 10/15, or maybe more.  Be assured that I will not ask you to take any more lessons than I feel you need


Can I do my lessons and test without shoes?

Yes, in Queensland this is quite OK (I encourage it)


My friend took his test in Kenilworth and it was easy,  Can I do that?

Sorry, you have to live there to take your test in the hinterland areas.  You can choose Tewantin, Nambour, Maroochydore or Caloundra.  There is also a testing centre in Caboolture, but I haven’t been there myself, and although I’m quite happy to take you there, I don’t feel I could help you very much with the test area.


Can I take my own car for the test?

Yes, of course!  It goes like this.  If you use my car, we have a lesson before the test, then go straight into the test while I wait for you.  I assist you with the paperwork, show you what to do to get your photo/licence etc. and take you back to home/ school/ work, etc.

If you wish to use your own car and still use my services as above, there is no difference to the cost (it’s my time you pay for!)  

If you take the test in your own car and just wish to have just the lesson before the test in your own car,, that’s OK, but remember someone will have to come to the test centre with you to meet me there;  we would start and finish our lesson there, then I would have to leave you there.  Your person would have to wait while you take your test etc. in case you are not successful and you can’t drive alone.


Is this your own car?

Yes, it belongs to me, not the driving school


Do I have to obey yellow advisory signs?



Do you come with me on the test?

No, sorry.




Compiled by Sue Sewell, Accreditation No 72691128


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